Sunday, October 05, 2014

Horsing Around

I really enjoyed that! Like a road race but on grass - and through a few lakes for good measure. I set off too ambitiously in the first lap and faded on the second. It was surprising how much higher the jumps felt on that second lap though. I barely noticed them on lap one, by lap two they felt like full height steeple chase barriers. Overall it was a pleasing run. I certainly put in good effort but it does show up my weakness - not enough speed endurance - Michael Johnson would be proud of me mentionig that. He's always banging on about it...

There was a huge Chepstow contingent present and indeed, Paul and James took first and second overall, although there is to be a stewards enquiry as to the validity of that result in James' case seeing as he seems to have developed an allergy against wearing his club vest. Shameful.

Anyway, I completed the nine mile course a few seconds over 1hr 5mins which I'm happy with. Finished off the days training with an hour on the static bike - just like the old days - while catching up with the GBBO - just not like the old days...

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