Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello Freezer Number Two..

Yes, I've had to invest in a second freezer. Harvested the last of this year's chillies and had no more space to store them. After said purchase I've re-organised things and now have a whole freezer shelf full of chillies sitting pretty in the new acquisition. That's about fifty quids worth at supermarket prices.

And after the reaping I pruned the plants back to what are now basically stalks. All being well they will over winter and burst forth in the spring. Plus the second crop of tomatoes are just about ready. After the first crop, so early, I decided to let the plants grow on and now have a second batch. And even if they don't all ripen there's always green tomato chutney...

On matters of running I managed to squeeze in a 50 minute run through Flaxley between showers.

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