Sunday, October 12, 2014

Battling The Forest..

There's certainly a lot of bracken out there in the Forest at the moment. I decided to go for a spot of orienteering training and so ran - or not - Bixslade from earlier in the year. It was certainly a lot different. There were a couple of control locations in areas of thick, thick bracken and I didn't bother to really accurately determine if I was on the control or not. Number eight in particular, being a god damn platform in an area of bracken, I didn't even attempt and just ran on by. And there was one section of thick growth were I found a slight track, not quite going in the right direction but it was better than battling the vegetation.

Overlaying today's track and that from the actual race I can see I managed to go more direct to a number of controls - excluding the above, of course. And I can see the features I determined to be the control locations do appear to have been so. I still made the same mistake to control four but at least I wasn't off by as much this time. I finished with a pacey couple of kilometres back to the car. Was a good run.

I wrapped up training with an hour on the bike - to download the track and write this post. I'm on forty eight minutes so far but trust me, I won't stop till I've hit sixty.

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