Saturday, November 16, 2013

Orienteerus Horribilis

Night - wait for it, wait for it - mare! I did not have the correct brain installed today. Come to think of it, I'm not sure the legs were quite the right ones either. I pretty much didn't have a handle on things from the start. I don't think I chose my routes too badly. I just failed to execute the plan at almost every turn.

It has to be said the lowest of the myriad of low points came as I ran towards control seven (of 19) while picking my route to eight. Suddenly it registered that control eight was the control I failed to find in the score event a few months previous. My heart sank.

True to form I didn't find it again... at least not quickly. After ducking and dodging around for more than too much time I decided to find a suitable space amidst the overgrowth of foliage for an impromptu spot of meditation - also known as waiting and listening for others to turn up and then use echo location to home in on the sound of them pinging the control....

I did finally complete the course and am I ever glad it was only an informal because I'd have been looking at seriously low score towards the series. There's always cross country tomorrow - but do I really want to do cross country? Cross country? Really?......

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