Saturday, November 02, 2013

Christmas Panettone Test Run

I managed to get out for a shortish run before the rains came and I headed back indoors. Finished off in the dry in front of the telly on the exercise bike. After last weekend I just couldn't face being out there in the rain for too long.

From thence - is that really a word? - I focused my attention on a spot of baking. Christmas panettone. It really is a wickedly rich bread. Practically wiped out my supply of eggs. After a slow first prove I added the fruit. After an equally slow second one, Tony finally made it into the oven. In between times I cooked up a kind of fried rice come paella 'thing'. I was happy with the result - although I ate too much.

Back to the 'ttone - yes, I will type it differently each time I refer to it. Best attempt yet! I tried a different recipe to the last time I tried a PT and added my own tweak - it worked a treat. That's Christmas sorted then...

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