Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Bake Off For Me

No, I couldn't make the Chepstow Harriers bake off tonight. Quite disappointed by that but I'd long previously arranged work funding for entry to the Pomphrey Sport 5k so had to show my face. There were four of us. Not too bad a turn out. I've a few more names for the next race in November.

As to my race it wasn't really. I decided long before the race I'd treat it as training. I set off at the back of the field. Running a simblimely slow first kilometre. From there I nudged up the pace kilometre by kilometre - well there was only another four until the finish - but rest assured at no time was I in any danger of running quickly.

In summary, it was a singularly unimpressive run. But that wasn't really the point. As training it was a great session. I laid my marker down and will just up the effort over the coming months...

As a final note, I hope the next bake off is booked in for a Thursday to eliminate a clash with the Pomphrey race. Either that or don't pick the last Tuesday in the month..

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