Friday, October 18, 2013

Gee It's Good To Be Back Home

Home is where I want to be. We had a good drive home. Scratch that, we had an great drive home. Three hours ten from Sheffield to Bristol on a Friday afternoon. I'm almost in shock. Mind you, it wasn't without incident.... All of a sudden, in heavy traffic, all three lanes on the M5 came to a rapid stop. The roof rack and stuff from a poncy Jag came flying off just ahead of us, leaving its debris sprawled across the middle and outside lanes.

It was a miracle that no one hit it and everyone managed to stop without hitting the car in front. Some workmen where on hand to clear the motorway almost before the dust had settled. Lord knows how badly the ripple effect kicked on back down the road. I reckon there would have been serious delays about five miles back as the ripple reached its maximum crest...

I'm feeling pretty knackered but I don't feel tired - if that makes sense!? Looking forward to the Compass Sport Cup on Sunday but think I need to give the cross country a miss tomorrow as my left achilles is feeling a little sore.

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