Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Knock To The Head?

Possibly - as Martin and I headed out for another 6:30am run. The circular route again. In reverse this time. Not sure which way was best. Today's finish was definitely a steeper affair but somehow the rest of the run seemed nicer. Though the downhill section was a little dodgy under the tree cover as the sun hadn't yet risen. Not sure we'll manage it tomorrow.

So the training course is nearly over and it's been pretty useful. One more day and we're heading back. Really not looking forward to the drive home via the M42. Not sure busy covers that stretch of road...

Up on the weekend is the compass sport cup on Sunday. I'm off towards the front of the field on account of being a little bit pants at orienteering. I'm not a total disaster but I ain't going to be winning any prizes but I'd like to think I won't make too many mistakes.

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