Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Truncated old faithful

What's that all about? Why, my old hilly route over to Lower Failand - but truncated a bit - because I'm a lazy bastard.

Seriously though, I was out there for 45 minutes of steady running but with maximum effort on the hills - and I have to admit I went really well up them yar hills. I haven't ridden old faithful for a while and thought I might struggle but I glided almost effortlessly up the climbs - OK, so, effortless might be a tad of an exageration but I certainly didn't struggle - and that's just grand.

Obviously then I hit the gym for some upper body stuff - got to put in a bit of effort to keep trim. All set for the track tomorrow - think I shuld have the energy for it...

Thought for the day: There are many languages in the world but everyone understands a smile.

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