Sunday, April 13, 2008

A day on the moutain

I had a great training run up in the Mountains of South Wales - bloody lucky with the weather, mind, with high cloud, good visibility and near as damn it, no wind. On the drive back the weather was horrendous, rain, sleet, hail. You name it, we drove through it but on the mountain, where it mattered, it was good - yipee.

As you might all like to know, I got my ass thoroughly kicked up there on the hill. Not only did I only run a 15 miler vs my friends 20 miles - she ran an extra 5 miles before meeting up with me for the rest - but she ran me into the ground to boot - and don't mention Brown Dog - she whooped us both.

I'm pleased with my run though - despite being whooped - I managed 2:03 for the 15 with about 3000ft of ascent so that really isn't too shaky for a run up there in the Brecon Beacons, taking in the highest point in South Wales.

After a lull in training over the last few days it was good to put in a quality long run. It's been a good few days and I'm happy - I even start my new job on Monday - but be warned I might not be in until 10...

Thought for the day: An honest answer is a sign of true friendship.

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