Monday, April 07, 2008

Repeat after me

Have to be quick tonight on account of my tea is in the oven, I'm starving and I'm going to eat it the moment the alarm goes off - and you can take that to the bank, put it your pipe, smoke it and then listen to the fat lady singing.

Despite a full day at work and still feeling a bit tired from my weekend with the hounds of the Gloucestershire, I managed to motivate myself to get up to the Downs for some reps with Rick and Sean. I so surprised myself on Saturday that I want to carry the momentum onwards and really get some decent training done so I can make some real gains.

Tonight we ran five 3 minute reps around a loop up on the Downs - well they were 3 minute reps for me - Sean was a bit quicker, as was Rick but I was steady - and that's good enough for me after a long race on the weekend. My legs felt OK before we started but after the first fifty metres of each rep they just seemed to fill with lactic acid - I could almost feel them filling up, it was a strange feeling indeed. Anyway, I managed laps of 3:00, 2:56, 2:55, 2:54 and a final 2:48 but I was then fully wasted. Sean and Rick tagged on a final 2 minute burst to the 'magic tree' but I couldn't face it so timed them instead - the tree isn't actually magic by the way, I just made that bit up - while I played with my magic beans - stop it.

It's an hour run for me tomorrow - if I can find the energy. Ah, there goes the alarm...

Thought for the day: The road to success is always under construction.

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