Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whoo hoo new shoes

My new 'Gladiators' have arrived and they feel more comfortable than my last pair of fell shoes, the Walsh PB's. I like the grip I get from my PB's but they rub wickedly on my heels. This pair feels like I'm not going to have that problem - superb.

On to training tonight, and was it ever tough? - too tough. We ran six sets of 400m, 30 seconds recovery then 250m with a 2 minute recovery between sets. I only managed three full sets before skipping the 250's, so I finished with three 400's with big recovery. The lads, just Nick and Sean tonight, ran the full session and ran it well.

The last four days of running (and cycling) caught up with me tonight. I wasn't as consistent as I'd normally hope to be. In spite of that I'm still pleased with the session because I worked full on. My times were; 74, 39 (chased Nick home on that one), 73, 43, 74, 42, 71, 72 and a final, give it all, 70s.

And finally, thanks to Simon's comment yesterday, I shall be performing, ah hem, I mean running the Weston Prom 5M tomorrow and forgoing the hill reps. As he quite rightly pointed out, I can run up a hill any old time but won't be able to run another prom race for ages. So there 'tis, I shall be racing tomorrow - 30:47 to beat. And in anycase, I'm far to knackered to put in another training session!

Thought for the day: The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.

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