Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not so restful gym run

After another successful day at work I headed out to the gym for a quick session on the weights before shipping out with the Tuesday running group. There wasn't so many out tonight as there has been in the past but they always suffer with the numbers after a big race like London or the Bristol HM. I'm sure numbers will begin building again.

Anyway, tonight we ran a short interval session, four 3 minute bursts with a two minute recovery. We ran a kind of bleep test format between trees in Ashton Court. It was actually a pretty hard session because you had to keep stopping to change direction. I managed to cover about 800m in the three minutes which included 18 about face turns so it was run at a pretty quick pace. I suffered with the breathing but not to the same extent as last weeks training.

This is the second time that I've planned to go for an easy run with the gym crew only to find out that they're doing a hard session instead. Maybe, just maybe, once I'll get out for an easy run with them - where I can really get myself recovered.

And finally, I must get down to the track tomorrow, to the worn out track near home, and all I need is an outside lane with hurdles placed in a row - that's right, I need a test run so I'm ready for the 400m Hurdles next week - whoo ooh. Just need to get round without being disqualified - or doing myself a mischief!

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