Thursday, May 31, 2007

Option one

Whey hey!!! I actually managed to get out for option one - my 800m hill reps in Ashton Court. Not only that, I managed all five - and it was peeing down again - boo. Not quite sure how I managed it! And on top of all that it was the fastest I've ever done them!

My previous fastest set of five panned out at an average 3:45 per rep with the each rep a good few seconds either side of the average. This time round I was much more consistent. The first four were 3:30, 3:29, 3:29 and 3:28 but unfortunately the legs began to buckle on that fourth one and I very nearly packed it in. Once I'd done the jog recovery back down to the start I very nearly just continued running back to the gym. But I turned and came back for more. Sadly the fifth was slower. I just couldn't force myself up there any quicker - and believe me - I gave it everything. I could only manage a pathetic, pitiful 3:31 ;) When I eventually made it to the top I was f@#&ed - I could hardly stand - but the endorphins soon kicked in and I happily made my way back to the gym for a quick whip round on the weights.

I'm so pleased with my sessions this week. I managed a decent, if not great time, at the Bridge Inn, followed by a fast session on the track yesterday and then today's hill reps - I think you'll agree I can give myself a day off tomorrow ahead of the Midland League on Saturday where I shall running the 400 Hurdles (if nobody better shows up) and then performing the 3k Steeple Chase - and believe you me, if you ever see the way I do it you'll agree it's a kind of performance art......

Thought for the day: The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground....

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