Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slowly does it

I made it across to Sugar Loaf and clocked up 17 miles and 4,000ft of climb. Yes, the weather was rubbish - visibility at the top was zero. Yes, I was slow - 2 hours 54 minutes!!! - for just 17 miles - yeh, how pathetic is that and yes, I can't believe how much mountain running stamina I've lost - I am so out of practice. Next weeks race is going to be so hard but despite all that today was still a good day.

Off for a recovery run up Ashton tomorrow before preparing for a fast one over at the Bridge Inn on Tuesday - provided today hasn't taken too much of a toll on me...

Thought for the day: Never give up your dream even though you know you'll never make it.

A couple of pics from today

At the top

Lovely view