Saturday, August 19, 2023

The First Pound is the Heaviest

Well, actually, the first kilogram. Which is even better. Yes, the first kilogram has left the building. A few more still required to exit stage left but it's a good start.

On to the training and it's been a good week. Speed reps Tuesday followed by the Zwift duathlon league race Wednesday, of which I managed to get transitioned to the treadmill in time this week. Still haven't quite got the running down but I know where I need to focus. The first five minutes I couldn't run for toffee, then I got going but didn't have the courage to increase the speed more rapidly and ended up having far too much left in the tank as the twenty minutes elapsed. I fractionally exceeded my best previous run, but there is much more to come. Next time I must be braver...

Thursday was treadmill tempo hill reps and Friday an easy-ish Zwift bike with a few hard efforts - to set some short climb PBs. Up today was a hilly road run. Not overly long and I'm glad of that. It was so humid, I was dripping. Still managed my best time round the loop and homing in on my best from pre-reboot.

Probably an easy something tomorrow...

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