Sunday, July 02, 2023

Virtually Made it to the Top...

The Ven-Top. Zwift's answer to the epic Mont Ventoux KOM climb. It has a categorisation of HC - which should stand for hard-core but is actually hors cat├ęgorie, which means 'beyond categorisation' - and not at all rude, for those who can't spell. The route is 20.9km long with a gruelling 1534m of climb. It is the hardest climb on Zwift and every Zwifter should complete it at least once. With an average gradient of 7.3% with some sections at between 10-13% for several kilometres at a time. There is almost no respite. It is, quite simply, an absolute bastard.

At around the halfway mark I almost jacked it in as it was so gruellingly hard but got through that bad patch and cracked onwards. It was hard. Very bloody hard. After what seemed an eternity, I got to the virtual summit in 1 hour, 51minutes 33seconds. I've ticked the box but I'm not sure I'm going to ride that again any time soon...

As to the rest of the week, it's been Zwift, Zwift, Zwift, mouse rescue, yet more Zwift and a very gentle 3k on the treadmill today after my efforts up Ven-Top this morning. My foot has not been completely pain free but it is a world away from the pain induced hobbling at the front end of the week. I took it very slowly and built the pace a little bit. I was prepared to hit the stop if I felt any pain. Thankfully it didn't come to that. I had no discomfort.

I'm keeping everything crossed. Hopefully there will be no aftershocks and I can start back with some gentle training and move things forward from there.

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