Sunday, May 14, 2023

Almost Felt Like Fell Running...

It's been both a good week and a bad week of training. The week started on track with a solid Zwift and treadmill session, shorter reps on both fronts. Thursday was the highlight though. I marshalled the summit of Skirrid in the night race of same name. I had a good bit of kit in my rucksack weighing me down but decided to run the route out and up to the summit.

As the racers approached up the steep climb the mist descended, reducing the visibility still further with the sun now descended below the horizon. I was pleased with my run as I wouldn't have been last if I'd been racing. Once the runners went through, I packed up my kit and ran the descent. I couldn't see much in the mist, my glasses almost totally fogged but after descending a bit, it cleared, and I picked up the pace. I started to push, and it felt good. I was bloody roasting by the end, mind, because I hadn't taken off enough layers.

Anyway, that was where the week's training turned bad. Who'd have thought just over 2km of running could pound your legs so badly? It's Sunday now, and my quads are still sore. I managed a very gentle hour on the bike yesterday and a gentle 5k on the treadmill today but I'm hoping my legs feel better tomorrow. Thursday's pounding was worth it. It was good prep for what's to come in the summer.

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