Friday, July 17, 2015

Waun-ted To Run But I'm Helping Instead...

... at tomorrow's Waun Fach fell race. I'm still going to run the route though - albeit with a huge midway break as I marshal the summit. It won't quite be the same but someone's got to step up or there wouldn't be a race for anyone.

Anyway, it's not been the greatest of training weeks. Ahhhhh, I'm slipping... Managed to get out for a run this evening. Bit of time trial to see how I'm progressing so that meant the Hobbs Quarry loop. I should quantify that 'time trial', in this case, meant trying to run at similar effort level to my other runs over the route. Another 37s quicker with similar average heart rate so, despite having a bit of a slack week, things are still moving in the right direction. I'm two minutes up on my time set a month ago.

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