Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not A Bad Days Marshalling...

The weather was almost glorious - for those running it probably was full on glorious but the wind was chilling as I stood at check point three waiting for the runners to arrive and department.

So anyway, I set off half an hour before kick off, loaded with my backpack that included a litre of emergency water - didn't expect that. That made it a little harder work but all the better training effect. As I neared the location of check point one, just before the race due to start, back down in the valley, I began to worry I'd left it a little late....

I began to up the effort rate a little in order to make it to my marshalling spot. It's surprising how much quicker and runnable the route gets after the main climb is out the way and as it turned out I needn't have worried as I arrived at my position with plenty of time to spare - about fifteen minutes.

As I said, the wind up top was chilling and I had to put on my waterproof to stave off the worst of it. Before long the runners started to arrive and it didn't take long for the entire field to pass through. Making sure I'd seen the last runner through, and not wanting to hang around as I was getting cold, I set off down to the finish - and I didn't hang around.

I descended quite well, and okay, I had a bit of a rest at the top, but Strava tells my I got a segment PB on the final fort climb! A good days training all in all.

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