Sunday, March 15, 2015


Well that was a bit of a thorny disaster - I think I should've gone to the cross country instead! But I'd committed to the Compass Sport Trophy qualifier before I realised there was a clash so had to go.

On the upside of a really crap run, I finally saw the 'monument you can see to the south of the Malverns ridge run' up close - and in case you were wondering, no that's not its official name. Yup, it's a big, tall monument thing. I've always looked at it from the ridge and 'thought one day I'll pay it a visit'. Today was that day although I didn't have time to stop and get a proper look.

Now had the monument been in the middle of the bramble fields I found myself trapped in - not once but twice - then, quite possibly, I'd have had time to take some etchings and a few sketches for my scrap book. As it was, I was happy just to get free with only minor cuts although it cost me lots of time. But then everyone was in the same boat so musn't grumble.

On the whole I didn't navigate too badly but the couple of errors I did make were big and those combined with becoming bramble-fast twice meant I had a really slooooowwww time and fully expect to be close to, if not totally, last.

Now relaxing in the chill zone back home. Yes, the boiler broke down yesterday and I'm crossing my fingers it can be fixed early this week - without costing too much. So not only am I two coats at work I'm now two coats at home too!!!

We didn't qualify for the final :-( but I was, if the results are correct - and I'm reading them right, part of the scoring team! And that's a first! If only I hadn't got myself bramble-fast....

PS, I don't actually have a scrap book 

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