Saturday, March 21, 2015

Absolutely, Definitely, Without Any Doubt, Getting Too Old For This Shit...

Well that could've gone better. My return to the road was not entirely successful. When I say not entirely successful, what I really mean is, it was agonising total fail. I did complete the twenty miles though, so at least I keep my record of never not completing a race I've started.

It started off okay. I was like the pacing version of a metronome for the first ten miles. Almost every mile was a 7:35 give or take a few seconds. As soon as I hit ten though, it was an altogether different story. In the space of the next couple of miles I was down to a crawl - almost literally. The pound of the tarmac took its toll and my legs decided they'd had enough. The last eight miles were a hobbling, stopping to stretch and rub, unending nightmare - except it did finally end once I reached the finished.

The race itself, the 20:20 Fission, 20 miles or 20km, was a good route, well organised and marshalled as you'd expect from the Rogue Runs crew. Not a huge fan of race T-shirts as they usually look naff - hark at me, style fashion guru - but this one bucks the trend.

I think I'm going to stick with it though. I need to toughen up a bit - and actually do some training - but then I always threaten that....

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