Saturday, November 22, 2014

Went Round The Loop

The Llyn y Fan fell race loop. Wasn't my fastest, that's 53 minutes but I was pleased to get under the hour in exactly 59 minutes. And for once it was a good turn out - helped in part, I'm sure, by being part of the series but it deserves to be well attended just for the views from the ridge alone - even if it was a little foggy today...

I took it out steady and followed the path and the ridge - there isn't a lot of choice until Fan Foel. The descent is cross fell back to the start. I decided to try something different this year and ran a bearing of about 295 to head back to the path just south of Nant Coch - mainly just so I could write the word Coch in the blog.

My real thinking was to reduce the rough stuff albeit at a cost of 150m distance. My sea legs aren't what they once were and I felt I could run the firmer footing of the path more quickly than the rough stuff.

In the end it didn't make a lot of difference as I remained pretty much where I was at the top, neither gaining nor losing position.

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