Saturday, November 29, 2014

Not A Disaster...

And I descended okay. In fact I was only 15s slower than my time from 2009! Not quite sure how to take that as I feel as slow as I've ever been - which I am - but by a much larger factor than 15s.

It's true, the Blorenge fell race is not my favourite fell race, hence why I've not run it for five years but it wasn't quite as bad as my memory of it. I added some extra mileage with a 3k warm up and a 3k cool down - nice change of units half way through the sentence but kilometreage doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I think I justified the carbon footprint of the trip.

Considering the race is only 4k - and, I add, exemplary well organised, with sarnies and coffee at the finish - my legs felt well iffy on the cool down. I thought I was going to fall over on the steps down from the canal my legs felt so jellified.

Another race done. Decent training. Bring on the next one, probably the Cardington Cracker...

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