Friday, April 17, 2009

What a grey day

Rest assured that I shut that door - after I bucked the bronco - stop it - that is the exercise bike. A bit boring I know but I think it must be doing me good. I hope it is.

I've decided not to go do the Track on Sunday - I know, I know, I'm letting the team down but from up here to down there it's a long old way to Exeter and to be honest I could get myself a nice long run in Offas 'Orror instead and I know which will do me more good. If the race isn't full (or if it is I shall try and blag a run by claiming I've come across from Sweden just to run) and I get a run then at the very least I can give myself away as a sacrificial offering to Offa himself.

Tomorrow is the National Road Relays where I shall not be running - unless, that is, Bristol and Wests top fifty male athletes all stub their collective toes in the morning, in which case I might get a run...