Monday, April 13, 2009

A time to recover

With the folks coming up for lunch, we headed out for an early(ish) easy run to get the days training over and done with - oh the power of positive thinking towards the need to train I have at the moment is legendary.

We spent an hour pootling through Flaxley woods with three of the hounds in tow. My quads felt achy so a pootle was about all I was capable of.

At the start of the run, Ernie - the dog with the largest bladder in the world - kept stopping every five yards to take a pee and lay down his scent but once he'd run the tank empty things picked up a bit - although we never got much above pootle.

I'm not sure what training I've got lined up for tomorrow. If I manage anything it will most likely be a lunch time run. The weight of expectation is almost too much...