Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meeee and Mrs 'Brown'

We got a thing going on - namely, going for a run.

It was back up to May Hill today - that nondescript hill in Gloucestershire. In all we were out there for an hour and ten. We didn't go fast. We didn't want to go fast. No, it was steady, steady, steady all the way. I ground out the hills even paced and it all felt OK. The rain held off and I do believe the sun almost put his hat on - hip hip hip hooray. I think it started to get a bit hot for Mrs B, but I made sure she stopped for water and she was fine.

All in all a pleasant mornings run but I felt a bit bad not taking Pedwar or Ernie but they would have just slowed me down too much - even on what was meant to be a slow run. Seeing Pedwar bouncing up and down, pogo style as me and Mrs B ran off across the field was saddening but he'd have been bored of running within a few minutes.

Anyway, I didn't feel the calf on the run - so that was good. I didn't even give it a thought but as I type this I can feel a bit of stiffness in the bone - there's almost another lyric in there somewhere. I shall give it a massage and it'll be fine for tomorrow's 3k at Yate.