Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grassed off

As suspected, we were back on the grass as those pesky youngsters had taken over the track. I got a nice surprise - although for a moment I thought I was being burgled - but then the hounds charged in and ... well, I'd rather have been - only joking. Helen had already trained so the dogs got an extra walk while I did my reps.

The gang was complete bar Bruce but it'll be the last time for a while as Nick and Rob are back off to Uni. We ran the same loop as last week - 'cept I swear it was a few metres longer tonight. It bloody well was, I tells ya. Well I hope it was as I could only manage 54 seconds per lap - a very consistent 54, mind, but never the less 54 - which was a second or two slower than last week.

We ran nine efforts with a 45 second recovery before embarking on three final 120 metre bursts, flat out, lungs busting - legs busting - you know the kind of thing and I very nearly managed to keep up with the young ones - but not quite.

I feel I've had a damn fine work out tonight and that's it for tonight