Sunday, March 11, 2007

You know you're old when......

You get consoled by a young lady who comments, on my placing just outside the overall prize table, awarded to the first eight male and first eight female finishers and I quote 'You might get a prize in the M40 category' - I'm only thirty five and always thought I looked young for my age - how wrong can you be!!! Now off to order myself a zimmer frame which I obviously look like I need - and then cry myself to sleep.

Anyway, here is the video (which I apologise for being a bit long) and the race route with profile - which according to the gps contained approximately 2400ft of ascent.

Episode 6: A Stitch In Time

PS That's Bristol team mates Graham C and Mark D shown finishing at the end of the video.

On a final note, now I like google, and use many of their tools but I have to say that their video service is not the best. For this video I'm trialing and hopefully it will work ok.