Monday, March 05, 2007

Monsoon Monday

It's Monday and I have a severe race hangover - NOT. Couldn't face the rain again today, though - not after yesterday - and in any case I haven't got any more dry clothes or shoes! So it was down to the gym for a workout with the weights instead of running. Before I hit the weights I did the exercise bike fit-test just to see how fatigued I was but clocked up my highest ever score, 51.9. So I'm guessing I'm not that fatigued! I can't believe how good I feel after a hard weekend of racing. Even the foot is fine. Maybe I need to pick more races or harder ones?

Anyway, I'm guessing that you've all had enough of my self enforced poetry week. So this week, I will be using performance art through the medium of modern interpretive dance instead. Thank god I'm only joking ...... or am I? - no, really, I'm just kidding - seriously, I'm just tugging your leg......