Sunday, February 18, 2018

That Was Hard Work

Not a long session but long enough - and not to mention lung busting. I decided to edge up the rep duration to 60s and aimed to run ten at 16kph on a 4% elevation with 90s recovery. It ended up being a starting rep at 14kph followed by four at 16kph and a final one at 14kph for six in total with the recovery slipping out to 120s. Even then I had to step off the treadmill after completing the rep to let the speed drop before getting back on. Didn't expect the extra fifteen seconds to make it that much harder work! I finished the session with 5 reps on the bike, 30/30s and got the burn good.

When I read the session back and recall what I used to be able to run... Well, it's not worth thinking about. The here and now is all that matters for now. So anyway, although I'm not feeling completely unwheezy, I think I'm over the worst of it. Hopefully more training tomorrow...

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