Sunday, September 03, 2017

Curious Incident Of The Cramp In The Nigh-Time

By 'eck did the cramp ever strike last night and of all the places - ssshh, no, keep it clean - my left shin! What is that all about? And how does one even stretch the muscles in the shin area? No, I don't know either. With a calf cramp, it's pretty easy to stretch out. The shin? Not so easy. Cue fifteen minutes of pain, trying to use Jedi mind tricks to relax in the hope that the muscle tension would ease. Thankfully it did.

Anyway, today, just like Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, I was achin' all over - did you see what I did there? My quads and hamstrings are stiff and aching. Must've been a good workout yesterday.

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