Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm Suffering From A Serious Case Of PCD...

That's premature car death in case you were wondering... Yes the Ceed is beyond economic repair, aka, dead - I really regret telling my folks on Sunday it was still going strong in response to the question as to how it was running - doh! It all made for an interesting commute home yesterday - on the back of a relay wagon, having come to a halt on the hard shoulder of the M5 near junction 17. Only added on 2 hours to the journey so I mustn't grumble.

All of that has brought forward my plans to get a Berlingo. I've been casting my eye over the used car listings for the last six months, trying to work out what's a good price, spec, etc.. I was intending to run the car for another year so I'm really only bringing the plans forward a little...

And today, now that I'm taking some impromptu time off work, I took a bike ride over to Coleford to take a look at a Berlingo I actually spotted in the listings last week. Took it for a test drive and subsequently signed up on the dotted line. Soonest I can take delivery - or more correctly, go and collect it - is Friday so it's holiday time all week.

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