Monday, August 08, 2016

Got Myself A Little Dehydrated

Struggled a bit on today's training run. I decided on a run through the woods local to home. I was initially thinking of running the Malverns but being another hot day I wanted to try and keep myself under cover as far as possible. As it turned out I'm glad I stayed local.

I headed up to Hobbs Quarry before heading through Blaisdon Wood. Interestingly my GPS shows I was 20 seconds quicker on the Hobbs climb but that was pretty much the only highlight of the run over and done with inside the first ten minutes. Then it was over to Flaxley Wood before heading into Edgehills Plantation - or was it the Haywood Plantation? It was really the track through the middle.

Anyway, as I headed into - we'll settle on calling it the Edgehills Plantation - I started to get a bit of pain on the side of my left leg near the knee. Added to that I started to flag in the heat. From there on in it was all a bit of a struggle. By the end of the run, the run-in being along the Gloucestershire Way, my left leg felt okay again but I was feeling knackered.

I downed a few pints of water once I got home so I'm thinking I was pretty dehydrated. Need to make sure I don't repeat that tomorrow but it does explain why I really struggled. In all I covered just over 17km with 550m ascent.

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