Saturday, November 07, 2015

Time To Chill...

Well it's over. Done and dusted. Curtain down on the Trellech Orienteering. It feels nice to have finally got there but I am feeling fatigued both physically and mentally now. Everything went off okay and most people seemed to have enjoyed it - despite it being a bit of a physical course.

The day started pretty much the same way yesterday finished - putting out controls in the pouring ran. Thankfully I got the remaining controls out in just over an hour - still long enough to get soaked to the skin and beyond. Fortunately Vera was along for the ride so I was able to do a full kit change and get myself warm and dry - but not before I taped one section of the course and the route to the start.

After a hour assisting at the start the rain finally stopped and unbelievably the sun came out. After the peak had subsided I headed back to the registration area for a chat and to watch the weary runners returning and before long it was time to head back out to collect the controls. The assistance of Pete W was invaluable and there's no way I'd have completed the process inside half an hour of the courses closing without his help - nor, in fact the whole planning thing. His help was brilliant.

Planning aside, the highlight of the day was informing Andy C that the control he struggled with towards the end was also a control on the yellow course... (that's the least technical course for those not in the know).

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