Sunday, October 25, 2015


The journey home was pretty good. The plane didn't crash and there were no delays - result. Feeling really knackered though. Going to sleep well tonight me thinks.

Now I'm not really one for getting overly excited about race medals these days. The first couple are nice but after that they don't really mean much. In the case of yesterday's race though, I'm quite proud of myself. It was a war of attrition out there and I was a little worried I might not make it - Strava (gps track now posted) does actually prove I went the distance. And it's quite a nice looking medal...

More details of the race itself. I took it out too hard. There was a cut off at the far end of the course, 15k out - and was slightly worried of missing it! As it turned out I had more time than I estimated and so should have gone out a little easier. That said I would still have died but maybe not in such a calamitous fashion.

The low point was on the second to last climb. A long uppy-downy climb to Slieve Commedagh. Having made the decision to carry on after the second descent of Slieve Bearnagh I realised, a few metres ahead, that I was only just able to keep pace with a group of elderly women walkers. Thankfully I did manage to burn them off eventually...

The high light of my race was the descent off the final summit, Slieve Donard, the highest in the Mournes. Looking through various other Stravas, my split holds up well to runners finishing an hour ahead! If only I had done some training...

And for information, Channel 4 were out filming the race, to be shown sometime in November. There probably isn't much likelihood I'll make the final cut but it's probable the second woman will.

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