Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Such A Good Run

Wasn't really up to posting the ol' blog on the weekend. After a somewhat epic fail at the Black Mountains fell race - sickness at under 400m in meant the only sensible option was to abort abort abort. I still felt unwell Sunday but managed to mark up some controls at the Trellech orienteering. Felt even worse this morning despite hitting the bed at half past eight last night I hardly slept a wink and didn't attempt to get out of bed until midday. I have finally started to feel okay - the stomach rumbling and grumbling having finally ceased. Hopefully it's back to business as usual tomorrow. Really disappointed to have missed the BMs race though. It's the race I've run the most times of any race I've ever run - wow, I must be feeling better, I've practically invented a new tongue twister!

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