Sunday, December 28, 2014

Time To Plan

Well I can't put it off any/much longer. I need to put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard as the plan is most likely going to be a spreadsheet. I've decided on the Rogue Runs Berkley 20 mile road race in the spring - although I'm not sure what the official race title is - followed by an as yet undetermined late summer/autumn marathon. I'm not sure of the actual date of the RR Berkley race as I can't get on the website at the moment but it's in the spring sometime so I need to pull my finger out and get on with some training.

First off, I need to look out some local training routes. Most of the time I'm off road but I need to work out a few on road - with minimal risk of death by road kill. My new years resolution is to a) do some training and b) follow the training plan - once I've written it, that is.

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