Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Steady Eddy But Knackering Recce

Well that was hard work. Had good company but it was definitely not easy despite the steady pace. And the weather? Don't mention the weather it was flippin' glorious. I had to take off my nordic eighteen layer storm thermal waterproof to a million pounds hydrostatic pressure with nine times taped seams off before we even set out..

V and I set off from Llanbedr just before ten and took it steady on the way to Crug Mawr. We then tested the side off descent down into the valley. I have always just followed the main path and cut off at the end down the steep section. I think the side off is better. It's not really any less rough but is does extend the distance of the descent, making it less steep and isn't really any longer in total.

The section over to Sugar Loaf was straight forward. Followed by the run down into Abergavenny, equally straight forward. We used my alternate route after the river and then we were quickly it to the climb of death - I remember why I don't like the Blorenge. A not so swift run across the top and  we were back to the car in Blaenavon. All in all a good recce with a few route tweaks discovered...

After the drive home I finished off with an hour on the bike and that's it. I'm done.