Sunday, March 02, 2014

Great Day Of Training

The Tour of Torpantau fell race midday - only a short one, 12k - followed by a ninety seven minute bike session - indoors of course. The heavens have truly opened now. Why such a funny number, you ask? Well is was meant to be a quick thirty - not that thirty minutes can actually happen any quicker. They can go slower, taking in to account time dilation effect at near light speeds but not quicker - although, thinking about it, at those speeds depending on your point of reference.... I think I've gone off piste.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, the odd time spending pedaling. I got caught up in Linux geekery - yes the bike is set up with a laptop table thing. I can do geek stuff and exercise at the same time. Booyaka booyaka - no, I'm stopping that nonsense before I get complaints..

Had a good run if not fast. I put my new super lightweight waterproof to good use in the fairly unpleasant conditions and it worked a treat. On the run off Cribyn I thought it was going to be ripped apart by the gusts but I needn't have worried.

My speed over the ground was slow but I actually felt quite strong. All in all it was thoroughly bloody good fun. All I need to do now is get out there week in week out to clock up so some series mountain miles and get myself mountain fit...

Pip pip