Sunday, March 09, 2014

Day One Complete But...

My legs are knackered.

My drive up yesterday was uneventful baring the minor panic when I reached A470 after Newtown and it said 'Road Closed'! Fortunately the workmen there told me it was closed beyond Mac-something and as I was turning off before then I could carry on. Phew, would have been a big diversion to go around.

I found a great spot to overnight - with on suit toilet facilities and had a peaceful nights sleep. I was up early-ish though - for a holiday day and quickly set about deciding what route to run. In the end, with the misty conditions prevailing I opted for the longest of my planned routes, giving tomorrow a chance to brighten before visiting Cadair Idris and taking in the views.

As it turned out I managed to pick just about the worst part of the day for my run. By the time I was into the last descent the sun came out and the rest of the day was cracking.

Apart from stopping my watch for about 2k and 200m ascent it was a good run. The missing 2k was also good but I was annoyed with myself, having spoilt the track for strava purposes.

The only slight mis-calculation was the final climb. Turned out to be a 450m killer. That's 1500ft in old money - I felt old by the time I eventually got to the top.. Still, it was a solid 25k with 1300m ascent and no significant navigation errors in the clag.

Up tomorrow is a shorter 18k but with only slightly less ascent it might finish me off. Fingers crossed it doesn't.

Right I'm back into the hills having driven slightly out in order to get phone signal... Well a man's got to blog, don't he!

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