Saturday, March 22, 2014

Night-time Tomfoolery

Still seems a little odd to hang around all day for a race. Normally by five on a Saturday it's relaxation time but not today.

It was the fourth and final installment of the RogueRuns Night Race series. Mallards Pike was the setting for tonight's race and it was a good route. A little hilly and some great twisty, gnarly sections. Those are the best bits - unless you are stuck behind someone not going as quick. Having said that, I didn't mind being held up a little on the first section as the 'view' I had was good.

I was happy with my run. It wasn't that quick but I didn't fade. My legs feel achy now though - not sure how well I'm going to cope with tomorrow's planned Brecon Beacons race route run of 20 miles...