Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Soggy, Very Soggy

It's been a wet old day. This morning I opened the front door to the sound of rushing water and for a moment I feared... but venturing out into the darkness I realised it was just the storm drain doing its job. The brook was swollen, mind, but had another foot to rise before she was breached. What is normally a trickle was a three foot deep torrent - just as well I cleared it back last weekend.

Out on the roads it wasn't a much better picture. Heading to one of our remote sites there were a few dodgy moments. In the dark it's difficult to tell how deep the flooded sections were. Fortunately I was lucky. Heading home it was an ever worsening picture. I had to turn around three times where the road was totally flooded. I reckon I had to travel an extra twenty miles to get home. Not good but at least I made it. I'm hoping the rain isn't so bad tomorrow. I reckon the brook will subside but the field is sodden. More a marsh than a field just now. That won't soak away before tomorrow's forecasted rain. I think it'll be okay though...

On the upside I eased away the days stresses with my secret recipe macaroni cauliflower cheese with a chorizo twist. My top tip for a cracking cheese sauce... don't bother with that flour straight into melted butter technique, no pour in a third of the milk to the melted and then add the flour a bit at a time as you stir. End result no lumps and dead quick. Add the rest of the milk then the cheese. Job's a good 'un. Silky smooth sauce. The only downside? You don't get biceps like an Argentinian mud wrestler.