Saturday, November 03, 2012

Just Like El Cid

Only it wasn't so much an arrow as something spiky through the sole of my shoe and into my foot. Like El Cid I carried on. What ever it was, it snapped off leaving a tiny shard embedded in my foot. I didn't know what it was but it was painful. Did I stopped to take a look? Course not, I was in an orienteering race and I'm not namby pamby. I limped along for a few minutes before the endorphins kicked  in and the pained was numbed.

I had a pretty decent run out at the Trellech event. Blue route, of course. Started to navigate a bit more to the features and less to the compass but I still managed to really badly muck up control fourteen. Round and round I ran the rugged rocks beneath me. Eventually coming to my sense I picked out the fence corner and took a bearing in - now why didn't I do that first off? School boy error.

I'm jumping ahead. I started off okay. No overshoot today. I was into the zone quickly. Three wasn't ideal but I didn't lose much time despite the looping route I took. Eleven wasn't the best either. Sheeplike, I followed where there were a few others searching instead of actually looking at the bloody map. Once I did that I was in and away. I didn't fall for the same thing on twelve and got that one okay despite the quarry being a mite confusing. The final mistake was an overshoot to sixteen but didn't cost me too much time before completing in 1hr 21mins. I was in thirteenth at the time I finished but I expect to drop down the leader board a little. If only I hadn't mucked up 14 and hadn't dilly dallied on three and eleven... But then I expect everyone says that.

Well, I'm all done for today's training. I ran 4k to the event and with the painful foot, ran the return leg back to the Bigsweir Bridge. All in all a good days training. A might over 16k and 420m of ascent.

Off now to try and dig what ever it is that's in my foot, out...