Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Enjoyed That!

My first competitive event for about five months - not a race though - and I really enjoyed it. The sun shone, the birds chirped and the compass needle pointed north. What can be better than a spot of orienteering in the Forest on a day like today?

I didn't put any pressure on myself. I set my expectations low to avoid disappointment and headed out to enjoy it. My initial target was not to cock up the first few controls. If I could get those out the way without too many errors then I felt I would go okay.

Control one was fine, straight on it, if a little too cautiously. I could feel it going Pete Tong at control two - that was before I looked to my right and found myself staring straight at the control - doh. Three round to five were good before a slight error at six but without it costing me too much time. From there, despite almost heading from fourteen to nineteen, I really only lost time on fifteen but fortunately not too much - and it could have been worse if I'd have continued to nineteen from fourteen because it would have been game over... I should add control fourteen was used three times, it was also nine and eighteen.

I completed the course (7.8km) in 73 minutes. I'm pleased with that. It's much better than my expectation. Best of all, I felt pretty strong. I was able to run the ascents, albeit slowly, where last year I would have walked. I had a spring in my step and covered the rough ground well rather than struggle across like an old man.

I finished today's training with half an hour on the bike to wind down. Oh, and I should add, I was 3rd of 7 at the point I downloaded my dibber - ooh, er matron - so I am guaranteed not last place!! Also bare in mind, being the Compass Sport Qualifier, there will be a higher than normal percentage of good orienteers out there so I will be interested to see what my final position is...

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