Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not So Sweet

As expected, today's Sugarloaf race was more aspartame than sugar. I was a massive four plus minutes slower than last year as my form continues to nose dive. It's got to flatten off at some point but I still think there's probably a bit more diving to go before that happens. I enjoyed it though and that's the main thing and it was good to see so many Chepstow Harriers out.

I set off towards the rear - matron - and took it steady on the first climb up the road and through the woods onto the Deri. A sensible move as once onto the Deri I was able to pick up the pace nicely and reel in a few runners. Mr L was still just in range but getting towards the point of no return.

My heart wasn't in it on the second climb up to the summit of Sugarloaf. I took it too steady as the snow gently blew in - didn't expect that. I didn't push on where normally I would and Mr L, well he was out of sight. There would be no catching him on this day. In fact he must have been practically supping tea back in the finish area by the time I eventually reached the summit.

The descent went better. More like my normal self but somehow I still held back a little. Never really finding top gear. My eye wasn't on the ball today as I finished in a poor time of 63 minutes and a few seconds. That's my first time outside the hour for years but I'm not really that disappointed. I knew it was on the cards and I know when things get back to normal that I will once again start to soar like an eagle with the wind beneath my wings - which reminds me, I really must cut back on the beans...

The 7 miles and 1,800 feet of the summer Sugarloaf Fell Race...