Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Language Barrier

Well, that's the final hurdle out of the way for Saturday, I've found an online English To Northerner translator. With it I'll hopefully survive the weekend, with phrases like, can ah av eur jar o' ale please, followed shortly by, where's t' closet? and racing matters, where's t' start? and of course, 'a far teur t' finish? - I am, of course, taking it on faith that these translation are accurate because I don't understand a bloody word of it... [winks to camera].

Seriously though, I'm all set. I've got my map laminated against the potential of torrential rain and all the rest of my kit bundled up together. And since my project work is on hold until the leak is fixed I've decided to take tomorrow and Friday off. That'll give me a nice leisurely day to pack my kit, check it off the list and sit back and relax. Relax that is, as far as hoping my bloody calves recovery. They are currently still sore from the double race weekend. I shall get my thumbs into them later and have a bloody good dig. I dread the pain but I think it will help...