Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm no ringer

It was the first of Chepstow Harriers Handicap races. I knew from the outset I was onto a hiding after seeing my handicap rank. My estimate time for the hilly route of just under five miles was way too optimistic. Even at my best I reckon I would have been pushed to get inside it. In my current state I had sod all chance of getting anywhere near it.

I gave it a go and set off as strongly as I dared. Within a few hundred metres it was into the first climb and although not too long a climb I knew I was in for an agonising five miles. I dropped a couple of places as the course wound around. Up and down the tracks and trails. I caught a couple of people on the final climb before picking off another four on the mile long descent to the finish. I'm happy with that - at least next time I'll be starting higher up the field.