Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Tracky situation

The track surface was a bit wet tonight but thankfully the rain held off during the session. No chaffed nipples for me this evening! Tonight we ran eight 600's grouped in 4 sets of 2 with a minute recovery between the 1st and 2nd then a longer 2:30 recovery before repeating. I averaged 1:58's per set and managed to push it on the second rep of the pair to nudge it just a little faster than the first. The pace was about right as I had to work really hard on the last couple to maintain the pace but managed to hold it together. Considering the race and yesterdays session I am well pleased. I have a prior engagement tomorrow so won't get out to train and I'm going to rest on Friday so I can get out for my intended long run on Saturday. I hope to put in about 22 miles. Followed by 24 the following Saturday (as long as the body holds together that is! At the moment the signs are good).