Saturday, March 10, 2018

Plenty Of Layers

It's a nasty job but somebody's got to do it. Today, having volunteered a while ago to marshal check point one, Tour of Torpantau fell race, it was time to make the payment. The weather was not pleasant - slight understatement - but a promise is a promise, and wearing plenty of layers I headed up to Fan y Big from the race HQ -  the forest car park.

I took a slightly wonky route across the expanse but got there in the end. Fortunately, as it turns out, the slightly wonky route meant I wasn't waiting longer than necessary, sat, as I was, at the summit in the wind and rain. Having said that, I was up there about an hour before the sweeper came through and I was relieved of duty.

After the return slog across the top I got back down to the car in good order and with all those layers I wasn't cold or even that wet - at least on the inside. I was glad to put on a fresh set of clothes though before heading home.

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